Panel Basics

TAKTL panels are designed to comply with a range of facade assemblies for all building construction types (Type I – V) and are suitable for interior applications as part of the CLASS-A interior wall.


TAKTL Panel Specifications

The TAKTL A|UHPC panels are Ultra High Performance Concrete panels manufactured from Portland cement, micro aggregates, and additives, with alkali-resistant glass fibers and two layers of alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforcement mesh.

Panel Thickness5/8″ standard (16mm)
Panel Weight7.2 lb/f2 (33.7kg/m2) – 7.8 lb/f2 (38.08kg/m2)
Standard Nominal Panel Size48 in (1220mm) X 144 in (3656mm)
Max. Panel Size60 in (1500mm) X 156 in (3962mm)
Min. Panel Size6 in (150mm) X 48 in (1220mm)
Material Density137 lbs/ft3
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion6.41 E-06 in/in/°F


The TAKTL Standard and Select A|UHPC Panel System are used as an exterior and interior wall cladding in the following applications:

  • ALL types of construction under the 2012 & 2015 IBC and IRC
  • New construction and renovation/re-clad building enclosures
  • Open Joint Cladding for Back Ventilated and Drained Cavity Walls (Rainscreen)
  • Unitized and Prefabricated Wall Systems (Barrier, Sealed or Rainscreen)
  • Interior cladding, partitions, and feature wall finishes

Features + Advantages

  • Compatible with all wall assemblies/substrates
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio in its class
  • Impermeable, chloride and carbonation resistant
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance and strength retention
  • Non-combustible, Class A smoke and flame spread
  • Impact resistance > highest rating under ASTM 1629
  • Graffiti-resistant sealer standard
  • 9 textures and 9 colors standard
  • Custom colors, surface textures, mineral face aggregates, and design profiles available upon request
  • Opaque stain option at no charge for homogeneous color
  • Delivered precut and drilled for attachment
  • Easy to field cut and drill as needed

Code Compliance & Reference Standards

Intertek/ICC-ESR (AC10)Quality Management System certification & auditing
IBC & IRC2012 & 2015 Building Code Compliant
ICC-ESR (AC90)Evaluation Service Report (ESR)
ASTM C1186Type A (exceeding Grade IV in strength and durability)
ASTM E136Non-combustible
ASTM E84Class A finish
NFPA 285Wall Assembly Fire Test
ASTM 1629Impact Test
ASTM E 488Undercut Anchor Test, AISI 905 Visible Fastener Test

Deflection Criteria

Structural Performance: Provide Solid Exterior Wall Panel and support system as follows:

  1. Will not evidence deflection exceeding specified limits.
  2. At 150 percent of positive and negative wind-load design pressures, assemblies,including anchorage, will not evidence material failures, structural distress, and permanent deformation of main framing members exceeding 0.2 percent of span.
  3. Durations: As required by design wind velocity, but not less than 10 seconds.
  4. Deflection of Framing Members: At design wind pressure, as follows:
    a. Deflection Normal to Wall Plane: Limited to edge of panel in a direction
    perpendicular to panel plane not exceeding L/240 of the panel edge
    length for each panel or an amount that restricts edge deflection of individual panels to manufacturer’s product limitations, whichever is less.
    b. Deflection Parallel to Panel Plane: Limited to L/360 of clear span or 1/8
    inch, manufacturer’s product limitations, whichever is smaller.
    ie: if the anchors are placed at 36″ @ 36″/360 =1/8″, we would have different recommendations for different panel types or special configurations
    c. Cantilever Deflection: Where framing members overhang an anchor point, limit deflection to 2 times the length of cantilevered member divided by 175, or manufacturer’s product limitations, whichever is smaller.

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