The KORSA collection from TAKTL utilizes innovative manufacturing methods to combine the time-tested performance of Architectural UHPC concrete facade elements with the depth and richness of exposed decorative aggregates. By incorporating aggregates of varying color and size into the face layer of the material, KORSA panels offer a wide palette of design options for large thin facade panels that far exceed the pound-for-pound strength and durability of stone or precast concrete.

TAKTL KORSA panels are an ideal solution for rainscreens, prefabricated wall assemblies and interior cladding applications, offering versatility in size, fabrication, and assembly while minimizing additional weight and wall thickness.

TAKTL KORSA is now available with TAKTL SC+.

  TAKTL Korsa Panel Design Guide

KORSA Standard

KORSA Standard Panels (A01, A02, A03, A04, A05) use materials that have been tested for compatibility with the TAKTL A|UHPC base formula (KORSA Standard Design Mixes), are readily available in sizes that fit within our standard 5/8″ thickness, have consistent supply sources, and have the lowest health and safety risks possible.

Standard and Custom Base Colors

KORSA Standard Panels are cast in the TAKTL colors of Titanium 63, White 87, Bone 78, and Graphite 40, as reflected in the table below. KORSA Standard Design Mixes may be cast in any base color, either another TAKTL standard color or a custom color. Casting in a custom base color requires a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

KORSA Custom

Create endless possibilities in panel design to meet project design needs. TAKTL’s Materials Lab develops KORSA Custom Panels for projects requiring a non-standard aggregate, base color, or combination. KORSA Custom Panel orders require a 5,000 ft2 minimum material order and a 6-8 week lead-time for samples. Additional time is required for strength testing. All KORSA Custom Panels require in-house performance testing and may require laboratory-certified testing for an additional charge.

Texture Limitations

KORSA Custom Panels are most commonly achieved with our standard Smooth texture but may be cast in any of our standard flat textures (Smooth, Rough 1, and Rough 2). KORSA Custom Panels are also possible with raised, three-dimensional textures, based upon several factors such as thickness, surface geometry, and size/shape of the aggregates. Panel thickness may be increased to accommodate aggregates with a diameter of 1/4″ or larger. Please contact TAKTL Technical Support to discuss KORSA Custom opportunities.

Matching Natural Materials

The durability and versatility of TAKTL KORSA provides exceptional possibilities for matching stone, precast concrete, and cast-in-place concretes with exposed aggregate. For the best outcome, physical samples are required for our lab technicians to most accurately determine the appropriate base color and the type and size of aggregates to introduce into the mix. KORSA Custom Panel matches may require a lead time of 7-8 weeks for delivery due to procurement, casting iterations, evaluation, and testing for compatibility.


A|UHPC is stronger and thinner than natural stone cladding with a very low coefficient of variation in testing, providing consistent mechanical behavior panel to panel. The exceptional durability of TAKTL A|UHPC allows for thinner, lighter, and stronger panels that can be cast in larger sizes than natural stone, resulting in less expensive attachment systems. TAKTL A|UHPC builds upon the history of UHPC for outstanding strength and durability, water tightness, and excellent resistance to freeze-thaw and chemical degradation.

Samples and Orders

To find out more about TAKTL KORSA or to request a sample, please contact TAKTL Technical Support at 412-486-1600 or info@taktl-llc.com.