TAKTL Standard

There are nine standard textures and nine standard colors available in sizes up to 4’x10’ and 4’x12′ with final mold size determined per project requirements to minimize waste. All textures can be mediablasted as an extra step in finishing at no extra charge. All panels are factory-processed: cut to size and pre-drilled for face-fastening or concealed anchors according to approved shop drawings. Custom colors, mitered edges, and fabricated corners are all options within the TAKTL Standard program.


Minimum Order

7,000 sq. ft. per color

Lead Time

12-14 weeks
(starting upon receipt of approved submittal samples, shop drawings, and deposit)


One of TAKTL’s defining qualities is its ability to be formulated in an expansive range of colors. We have developed nine standard colors for the building industry, with the ability to formulate custom colors as part of our standard program for quantities in excess of 7,000 square feet.

The TAKTL standard and custom colors contain pigments that are UV-stable and specifically engineered for use in concrete. Pigments are added during the mixing process, and are therefore integral and consistent throughout the material matrix.

Color Variation

TAKTL is a natural, mineral-based product that generally exhibits subtle color variation between panels. We have a series of interrelated strategies for minimizing color variation within and between production lots, including:

  • Tight specification and control of highest quality white cement, pigments, and micro-aggregates
  • Stringent quality management procedures for incoming raw materials, including color monitoring and particle size distribution analyses
  • Precise, automated material dosing and mixing sequences to achieve exact mix design and homogeneity
  • Climate and humidity controlled curing chambers

Darker standard colors (Graphite 40 and Grey 52) and certain textures have greater potential for color variance.

Standard Textures

All standard TAKTL textures are available in the full range of standard colors. Standard Flat Texture panels (Smooth, Rough 1, and Rough 2) are 5/8″ (15.9mm) thick. Raised Texture panels (Crinkle, Reeds, Shadows, Rio, and Arbos 1) measure 5/8″ (15.9mm) thick at the shallowest points in the pattern. Arbos 2 measures 3/4″ (19.05mm) thick at the shallowest point in the pattern. TAKTL Standard textures Rio and Shadows are available in sizes up to 4′ x 10′ and all other standard textures are available in maximum sizes up to 4′ x 12′.


In order to regulate the flow of moisture between the material surface and the environment, MicroSeal/T, a hydrophobic, breathable finish, is applied to all panels before shipment. MicroSeal/T is invisible and does not affect the rich, natural appearance of the panel.


For projects in which color variation is not desired, we offer an alternative factory applied finish, ColorSeal/T. The ColorSeal/T process affords tighter control of the surface color characteristics, mitigating the subtle batch-to-batch color variation that results from using mineral raw materials.

Mediablast Finish

Available as a standard finishing option with all colors and any textures, mediablasting creates a subtly lighter and more visually varied surface of exposed aggregate. Our mediablaster was custom designed for UHPC finishing with automated articulating heads and a vertical panel orientation to create an even surface texture that is not achievable with fixed head blasting. Media is cleaned and re-circulated in a dust-free and resource-efficient cycle.

Panel Sizes

Maximum standard panel size is 48″ x 144″ (1,220mm x 3,657mm). All panels are cast and trimmed to these sizes. Standard panels can be further cut into a variety of proportions and sizes according to approved shop drawings. To reduce overall project costs, we recommend designing panel layouts that maximize material use and minimize material waste. Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss how to optimize material usage and review panel layout examples.

All panels will be 5/8” (15.9mm) in thickness unless otherwise specified. 5/8″ (15.9mm) panels weigh approximately 7.2 lb/ft2 (35.15kg/m2) – 7.8 lb/ft2 (38.08kg/m2) depending on the texture. Arbos 2 is 3/4″ (19.05mm) in base thickness and weighs approximately 10.6 lb/ft2 (51.75kg/m2).

Edges and Corners

A variety of closed and open corner options are possible within the TAKTL Standard program. 

  • Open Corners: straight and mitered edges are precisely cut with CNC bridge saws
  • Closed Fabricated Corners: available in all standard textures, as well as mediablast and aggregate finishes. Fabricated Corners have been fully tested, with joint strength equalling or exceeding the strength of reinforced cast corners

Lead Time

The lead time for projects within the TAKTL Standard program is 12-14 weeks from the receipt of the final order, deposit, and final and approved panel layout drawings. Pricing is based upon a specific yield, production schedule, and mold strategy as described in final quotations. Changes in panel sizes and quantities, as well as interruptions in production caused by drawing or construction delays, will impact cost and delivery schedules.


TAKTL sample kits contain 2″x6″ (52x152mm) and 6″x6″ (152x152mm) samples in a variety of standard textures and colors. Each kit is assembled and packaged individually to target the specific needs of the project. Standard sample kits typically ship within 1-2 business days of the request via FedEx Ground from our Pittsburgh offices. Please contact our Technical Support Team to request standard samples and to discuss custom color samples.